Why do I need insurance?

To protect your family and assets in a claim situation. Insurance helps you pay for property damages (for your property or someone else’s) with the home insurance.

Health insurance companies offer variable health insurance plans, medical insurance plans and medicare supplement included in their insurance quotes to cover medical expenses.

Also in order to drive a car you own, you must have insurance by law. The state also requires you to have insurance when you have a loan or when you lease on a car or home. In addition to these legal requirements, insurance can help in the event that you are sued.

When should I have Auto insurance?

You should have an auto insurance before you begin driving, as required in most states. Driving without insurance is often illegal and leaves you financially vulnerable.

What is health insurance?

A health insurance plan is an insurance product designed to cover medical expenses: preventative care, emergency services, surgeries, and prescription medication. The health insurance plan is usually offered by health insurance companies

What is liability?

Liability is your legal responsibility for damages. For example, when you are at fault in an accident, you have liability to pay for the damages and injuries caused to others involved.

What is “Umbrella” Coverage?

Excess liability. Sometimes used interchangeably with “umbrella,” “excess liability” refers to extended liability coverage. If you accidentally injure someone or damage their property, you could potentially be involved in a costly lawsuit. This coverage is meant to support your insurance coverage if the damages exceed your liability coverage. Be sure to talk to your agent about what your excess liability covers.

Why buy life insurance?

In case of passing away, the life insurance helps pay the final expenses: Medical bills, funeral expenses, and burial costs. The life insurance plans also support mortgage protection, college funding and income replacement for the benefited person.